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Concore Augers


There are different features that makes our augers outstanding in compare.
Our augers are designed to give Long life, better compaction with maintained or increased speed.



Concore has also developed an special auger that makes it possible to produce solid slabs with a normal extruder, just by replacing the augers and sleeves with an auger for solid slabs.


The composition of the material in use is developed to be extremely wear resistant.
After years of testing we have designed the augers with a geometry that gives a good feed, good compaction, less leakage and with a little wear as possible.
Our strive has been to design the auger to give minimum of leakage when the auger is moving forwards and backwards as the leakage is only increasing wear and reduces the compaction.


Bearing systems are most of the time different at different plants, machine version and brand.
Traditional augers are made for" shrink fit" of the bushing, it is time-consuming, increases risk for cracks in the auger and makes it difficult to get the bushing out to reuse the bushing.
The Concore augers are made for simple "Loctite" fitting.


Experienced results from switching to Concore augers:
Speed is increased 10-15% or more
Lifetime is increase 25%-50%.
Compaction is hard to measure but several customers have told us that he bottoms surface is better, overall compaction is better.

Concore augers do fit into most modern extruders.



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