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2. Plotter

2. Plotter

Concore bedplotter


Since 1993 we have produced over 100 plotters, they are all running all over the world. Mostly in Central Europe,
UK and Scandinavia. The feedback from our customers has pushed us to continue development and improve our
Today our Concore plotter is the state of the art in respect of hassle free performance, service and maintenance.

The plotter takes information from the drawing and bed planning software and reproduces it directly on the

slab, thereby eliminating all the errors associated with manual marking. Such errors are very costly,
because one must calculate not only the cost of re-making the slab, but also the transport of the incorrect
slab back to the factory, the transport of the replacement slab to site, the increased crane cost, the
associated labour costs and the cost of delay on site. Many factories without plotters have a total cost due
to errors amounting to between 2 and 4 percent of turnover. The investment in a plotter is therefore
amortised in a very short time.


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